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August 19, 2009



Might be hot, but you've got two beautiful projects pictured there! I love the persimmon tree colorway - what's the fiber base?


You're killin' me with the wheel pictures....four more days, four more days. No, wait. Five. UPS doesn't usually get here till suppertime! Five more days, five more days....

Is that the shawl pattern from SpinOff by Judith MacKenzie McCuin? I did hers in some handspun fiber from one of Barb's old-style batts with angelina. I swear I'm going to make a full-sized shawl one of these days!




Nice job, despite the heat. Your wheel is a beauty for sure.

Delcinea- Sue M Avery (Delcey for short)

Good Early Morning:

My name is Delcey and I live in Thetford VT. I am looking to have someone show me how to drop spindle wool and also to use my spinning wheel my mom gave me it is a Luet she has had it for quite some time. She was just storing it so I asked her if I could have it. I liked it just for the decoration in my house lolo. And sad to see it sitting in storage. my husband put it together for her and stained it. Long story short now I really want to learn after having for a couple years. If this is something you could help me with I would be ever so grateful. By the way the kitty with your spinning wheel is she a Maincoon She looks just like my Maincoon from the back My girls name is Marya. You do beautiful work. God Bless hope to hear from you.


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