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December 14, 2008



Phew! I'm exhausted all that work! Good for you.


wonderful! I love Mr. Sheep.


That is beautiful yarn.


Oh I would so love to take a fleece and work it right up as you've done! As you've captured it the process looks positively romantic !


What a great post! I love all the pictures. What a pretty wheel and I like your knitted sheep. It looks like you have such a great view with all the trees outside your window. Wow!...750 yards! That's a lot! It's beautiful!


I am in awe. Wow, what a lot of work and what a result! beautiful. But, if I am being honest, I am thinking better you than me. LOL


Very pretty, Di!


Wow! That's a great deal of work, and the yarn looks completely worth it! Plans?


Beautiful! Did you use a pattern for that little sheep? It's SOOO cute!

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